Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What foundation is good for this???

So i use this green color concealer (to cover up blushing) and i use pressed powder over the top. But it goes all flakey and looks REALLY bad.

I need a foundation or something similar that:

-Covers up the green concealer

-Won%26#039;t look flakey

-Won%26#039;t make me orange

-Won%26#039;t look like im wearing foundation because i%26#039;m not allowed xD

Thankss : )
What foundation is good for this???
Ebay: seller: retunallhealth Mineral makeup. Order the sample pack, you get a free brush and you can try them all,go out into the sun in your garden and find your exact match!
What foundation is good for this???
well since you arent aloud get one that matches your skin perfectly. a liquid concealer works the best since it isnt powder. it blends right in.




and NYC

work really well.

try out one that matches and is cheap. your parents will notice if you have two different skin tones.
Reply:Just like i always recomment MaxFactor, you just need to pick the right shade to match ur skin try it out on ur hand and see.
Reply:If you are not allowed to wear foundation, I suggest a sheer mineral foundation like Mineral Girlz ( Don%26#039;t worry about the concealer and use the foundation, along with a chisel brush (also available at to spot treat your red areas. Then go over the whole thing with the foundation as you normally would.

This is what I do to cover blemishes and red splotches and it works wonderfully!

If you are having trouble with flakey skin, I recommend using Oatmeal Milk %26amp; Honey Sudz from Mineral Girlz to wash your face twice daily and use an exfoliant once or twice weekly to get the dead skin off.
Reply:use creamy foundation (liquid) and mix with ordinary light moisturiser, it will go on easily and won%26#039;t go flakey beacause it is moisturised

really great trick

just get the right colour

Mark or Ulta make up brushes?

Which powder or blush brush would you recommend? Would mark or ulta really compare to brushes such as m.a.c. or other high end make up companies?

Has anyone used both a m.a.c. and mark brush --- what do you think?

I know mark brushes are fairly cheap but are they like drugstore brushes or more like high-end makeup brushes?

Are ulta and mark even comparable and which do you like more?
Mark or Ulta make up brushes?
Mark or Ulta make up brushes?
actually there is this company called costalscents that have brushes that are similar to mac quality but at a fraction of the cost! I have mac and they are good but very expensive about 20-30 and up to 60 a piece!
Reply:Well I shop at Ulta alot and have their brushes. They work really well and give great coverage. Sometimes the most expensive brands are not of the best quality.
Reply:Ulta. Their brushes work very well.
Reply:coastlescents bruhes are the best!!
Reply:Mark has some good brushes! they are better then drug store brushes and cost about the same!!! heres a link
Reply:mark.%26#039;s brushes are great. Plus they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They range in price from $5-8. They are all real hair brushes, not synthetic like most drugstore brands.

I especially love their great little set called Go With the Pro mini brush kit. It costs $15 and includes a Powder, concealor, eye liner, eye shadow, and lip color brush all in a portable case.

I just love all the products mark. has to offer, so I would definitely go with them.

What color make-up looks best on me?!!?!!?

i have brown-greenish eyes

with brown hair
What color make-up looks best on me?!!?!!?
orange, gold, browns

or pale colours like pale peaches, pinks, blues, etc.
What color make-up looks best on me?!!?!!?
1)a concealer that matches your skin tone.

2)brown eyeliner

3)blue and brown eye shadows bring out the green in anyones brown eyes.

4)and maybe a clear gloss.

natural is best. believe me. its more mature and beautiful
Reply:I have the same eye color and hair color as well. Lavendar purple and light green really make my eyes pop. Light pink looks awsome as well. People will totally look at your eyes.
Reply:light pink eye shadow pink lipegloss light pink blush black mascara and black eye liner
Reply:golds bronzes coppers
Reply:You should use purple/violet shades on your eyes, and use black eyeliner and dark black mascara.

What foundation is the best to use? I want something that looks natural, with coverage that doesn't come off?

Money is not an issue. And I have excellent access to the mall.
What foundation is the best to use? I want something that looks natural, with coverage that doesn%26#039;t come off?
I use Bare Minerals. It is the best, by far, in my opinion. It doesn%26#039;t come off easily, even if you have tears streaming down your face for hours. It looks totally natural and no one will notice you are wearing anything, they will think you have beautiful skin.

Hope this helps, I%26#039;ve been a %26quot;Bare Minerals%26quot; addict for more than 5 years now and nothing can compare.

Good luck, lI%26#039;ll be happy to help if you need more info. :)
What foundation is the best to use? I want something that looks natural, with coverage that doesn%26#039;t come off?
Mineral Girlz mineral foundation is excellent and is naturally waterproof.

Check it out at
Reply:Honestly ......Bare Minerals is really about the hottest product around right now ...I do use it but I also use different products kinda depends on the season and my mood .....etc., plus I love buying and trying different products ...

QVC is a BIG promoter of Bare Minerals ....and they have some really good specials right now ......for their 10 year anniversary and I know you said money is not a issue but every woman likes a bargain :)

Here is a nice kit with everything you need in it and it includes some nice brushes and some lip color as well......I like the bare minerals ...I feel it does offer good coverage. And I do use a primer is good to help make your makeup go on better and stay better but I would recommend going with the Bare Mineral Foundation since it is designed just for Mineral products .....

If you are in doubt and want to really do some research in the product go to Makeup Alley and see what those ladies are saying over there .....I go there alot of times when I want to research a product I am thinking of purchasing .....

If you don%26#039;t want a Mineral Makeup ...I use Giorgio Armani shaping cream foundation which is really wonderful and I always apply mine with a foundation brush which makes alot of difference in how it goes on and it also doesn%26#039;t waste alot of your product as well ...... I am just gonna send you some sites of things I like as far as foundation and you can check them out and see what you think ......

This is a wonderful foundation great coverage ....

Hope some of this is helpful ~~~

Good Luck ~~~

Too much makeup?

Does these girls have to much makeup??

(( They%26#039;re only thirteen ))
Too much makeup?
finish your homework
Too much makeup?
No.... They look fine.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think that girls this age should be encouraged to wear makeup like Britney Spears unless their parents expect them to behave like her too.

That said, makeup is fun and should not be forbidden entirely.
Reply:They don%26#039;t look overly made-up
Reply:I would say yes. Hey, being 13 is the beauty of having no need of make up! People, don%26#039;t grow up too fast, you%26#039;ll regret it *shake head*
Reply:the image is not quite good, but i don%26#039;t think they are wearing too much :) let%26#039;s not exagerate, children nowadays do a lot of bad things, but i don%26#039;t thing those girls wear too much makeup
Reply:in my opinion, no. there are girls who wear much more make-up than that to wal-mart. they are using mostly natural colors it looks like. there isn%26#039;t any maroon lipstick or black eye shadow. a little bit of eye liner can go a loong way of course, but i think they look just fine.
Reply:well i think thirteen yearolds shouldn%26#039;t wear eye liner everything else is fine and to the first person how answered its summer we have no homework
Reply:the one on the left deffinately does!!!

and the one on the right.. not so much... i cant even really tell she is wearing makeup..

but yea that one on the left is deff gonna grow up to be in the sex buissness :(

see what this world is comming to
Reply:I think this is going to recieve very biased opinionated replies.

I personally, didn%26#039;t wear makeup when I was 13 at first, though I desperately wanted to. I started wearing it about 4 months before my 14th birthday actually...

I started out with only eyeshadow, then mascara, then eyeliner, etc.

I think that really, there is no such thing as too much makeup as long as you still think you%26#039;re pretty. Makeup, no matter what anyone says, is worn by a woman, or man, becuase it makes us feel better about ourselves, more beautiful. That%26#039;s why I wear it at least. I am 1 month away from turning 16 and wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and concealer[over a really faint scar] on a daily basis. I apply it artfully, but some people don%26#039;t like it [my dad...] because I do it with bright colors. It%26#039;s just my style! But some people don%26#039;t understand that.

I think that as long as a person feels good about themself and they%26#039;re not just doing it to get attention and such then it%26#039;s fine...It%26#039;s not like those girls smudged eyeliner all around their eyes really thick and layered on colors like a little kid%26#039;s crayola drawing.

I, personally, think it%26#039;s fine.

CokoKitten =]
Reply:YES.. i think so...

Their still little and there exposing their skin to rubbish that can ruin the skin in later years!
Reply:not at all.. I think its fine. But some others may not think so. Its really what yhe girls feel comfortable wearing.
Reply:Yes, all that blush makes them look like clowns and the eyeshadow is ridicules, I%26#039;m 12 and wear make-up but colors that are subtle and feature-enhancing.
Reply:YESSSS .. that is way too much makeup
Reply:yes maybe take of the eyeliner?
Reply:Nah, i dont think so. I think makeup should be a form of self expression... so if that is what they like, then they should feel free to feel pretty in what tickles their fancy!
Reply:Im thirteen and i wera much more than that except i don it really nice n with my hair it doesnt look lyk ive overdone it so it looks guwd girls just ave to be careful wat they wear n were they go sometimes n wat attention they are getting from men u dnt want to attract a 16 or 17 year old all they will be looking for is sex. So im quite careful when i go out x
Reply:i agree with the Britney spears girl!! hahhaah good one!


i have a dry forehead and a oily nose, the rest of my skin is normal can anyone recommend a foundation thats covers and looks like your not wearing any foundation? i don%26#039;t care the price aslong as it works tahh xx
try the cover girl true blend minerals foundation... im wearing it now and i dont feel like im wearing any makeup!
I have the same type of complexion and would highly recommend Clinique clarifying make-up.
Reply:i have the same problem.

Try Revlon ColorStay Active
Reply:Hiya, i have the same type of skin and i use clinique foundation, its quite expensive but you get a big bottle and its worth it. I use the one for oily skin as i dont like it when i get shiny patches on your nose! If you want to look like ur not wearing anything get a light shade
Reply:Try Bare Minerals. Get a foundation that matches your skin tone and the %26quot;mineral veil%26quot; which is a sheer powder. I have tried just about everything there is and this one is by far the best. It looks beautiful on, not like make-up at all. It covers everything without looking cakey and it%26#039;s all natral ingrediants that won%26#039;t irritate you skin (well most skin). I used to break out all the time and since I started wearing it my skin has cleared dramatically! I swear by it, I will never put anything else on my face!
Reply:Aarons girlfriend are you???


Its me chloe

Reply:Yves saint laurent

its amazing, try get the nearest match to your skin tone,

looks perfect

look at the foundation.
Reply:I use the new bare escentuals mineral foundation, goes on like a powder but looks very natural. It%26#039;s made from all natural minerals, so is very good for your skin. It%26#039;s lovely and because it%26#039;s so light you don%26#039;t get any clumping or streaking like some cream foundations.

Max Factor are doing their version of it now.
Reply:Go to Chanel. they have the best foundations. I%26#039;ve been using their stuff for years and I%26#039;m very happy with it
Reply:Christian Dior does all types of foundations for skins. Just go into a big shop like Debenhams and ask them to test the foundations on your skin. It smells nice too.

I use benefit atm which is really good, it blends in really well %26amp; good value for money. Again you should go to Debenhams to try it out.
Reply:Urban decay and No7

they let your skin breathe!!! x0x

Can enyone help me i am trying to get bigger can a get some tips on liftting weights?

give it all of your muscle.and heart.
Can enyone help me i am trying to get bigger can a get some tips on liftting weights?
lift ok heavy weights for you

lifting too heavy weights only builds your bone
Can enyone help me i am trying to get bigger can a get some tips on liftting weights?
go to the gym and lift some weights

and get a trainer
Reply:Start with lighter weights with high repetitions. Vary your workouts to give sufficient recovery times to those muscles!
Reply:Go to Burger King and lift a double bacon whopper with cheese into your mouth with a large side of fries, rings and a big coke once or twice a day... that should do it.
Reply:Start off easy and do like 4-5 sets of weight that you can handle, when you feel fit move up to a higher weight and do 4-5 sets of like 10. As you build muscle do more weight and more sets, but make sure when you start benching alot have someone spot you (aka help you with the bar when you cant lift it up on like a last set). This takes a long time plus effort so you have to stick with it. To get good abs do around 500 sit ups a day and around 100 pushups at different hand positions, close together works your higher abs and far apart works other muscles. You don%26#039;t have to start doing 500 and 100 just work your way up steadily. It%26#039;s really hard and I haven%26#039;t gotten the hand of 500 a day yet =).

Best of luck and hope my answer helps.